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Optical Nosepiece - Flat Mount *NEW DESIGN*Business Card Holder Attachment

Optical Nosepiece - Rod Mount

Part #601. Optical Nose Pieces - Rod Mount

Optcl Nose pce - Rod Mnt - 12 Pack $0.700

Optcl Nose pce - Rod Mnt - 100 Pack $0.420

Optcl Nose pce - Rod Mnt - 500 Pack $0.320

Optcl Nose pce - Rod Mnt - 1000 Pack $0.220

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Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1
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Optical Nose Pieces - Rod Mount

#601 Rod Mount (bottom picture) Material: Clear Acrylic

#601 Rod Mount (bottom)

Material: Clear Acrylic

Rod Mount: Mounts 5/8” Rod

Size: 1-7/16” W x 7/16” L (37 mm x 11 mm)


Part No. Product
Rod Mount
 Optical nosepiece optical nosepieces




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